Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Effective Job Searching Techniques

There is perhaps no single and universal way of doing an effective job search especially with how changes are turning many things upside down. If you would like to increase your chances at successfully landing a job, don't stick to one method. Rather, understand the different trends and techniques and apply them in your own job search.
Personalize your application.
Different companies have different rules in accepting applications. Some strictly accept online applications only while others accept online and personal applications. Still, a few others only accept personal applications. The thing with online applications is that resumes will most likely look quite the same and it would be difficult to stand out.
If you are keen to get a certain job, find out who the hiring manager is. Call or send an email to that person to ask about the job position and application requirements. You may even include your resume in your email. When doing so, make sure your application is addressed properly and looks professional.
Check the dates.
The thing with job postings on the internet is that information can be passed from one site to another. People read it and share it to their friends by word of mouth. By the time the information reaches a person who is genuinely interested in the job, the original job posting may have already expired or have been filled. To avoid this, always check with the main source and if you can, make a personal call to the company to check if the job is still available.
Don't be discouraged if there are no job vacancies posted.
Some employers don't always put up job ads when there are vacant positions in their company. Some also hire people unexpectedly. One thing to live by is that opportunities present themselves everywhere. There are many corporate and professional events that offer networking opportunities. If you happen to be in one, striking up a conversation with someone can give you the chance to talk about your skills and what you can do. It is common for many employers to realize the skills that they need when speaking with people who are good at pitching their skills.
Personalize your cover letter and resume.
When applying for a certain position, make sure that your documents are suited for it. Some applicants make the mistake of creating only one cover letter and resume and using them practically in all their applications.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Innovative Job Search Techniques

In 2010 and beyond, a number of candidates will be out in the job market. No doubt the number of candidates in the job market increases during an economic crisis when reorganization, restructuring and redundancies have increased the size of the number of candidates seeking work.
Candidates need to get used to alternative methods of job search. The two methods recommended are:
1. Becoming a job Search Entrepreneur
2. Using alternative technology.
Becoming a Job Search Entrepreneur means running your job search campaign like your own business. This can be done through:
- Avoiding mass marketing by not sending your resume to a number of recruiters and not posting your resume on a number of websites. This is a slow and tedious method which often fails to bring any results.
- Conducting extensive research. Here are some areas of research:
i. Corporate literature of the organisation you want to work for. This will provide information about the organisation.
ii. Determine the decision makers within an organisation.
iii. Determine and research on the products and services the organisation offers.
iv. Research on tips for changing jobs.
v. Research whether the organisation wants to see a resume first.
vi. Research on techniques for behavioural interviews. Write down as many possible questions as you can and answer these ensuring that specific behavioural examples are provided.
vii. Research any other relevant information on the organisation.
- Bookmark the site of the organisation and store this in your favorites directory.
- From the information researched, determine your areas of interest.
- Examine the products and services the organisation provides and ensure that those that match your perception, interest and previous experience are identified.
- Make a list of organisations with similar products and services that are located in the geographical area of your interest.
- Identify the specific decision makers in each of these organisations.
- Proceed to develop your strategies to make an approach to the individual organisations.
Alternative Technology is what I mean by using other forms of job search techniques. These include:
- Using sites such as Linked- in to search for and find work.
- Creating a video presentation on yourself and placing this on sites such as U Tube or sending this to a number of decision makers.
- Writing self marketing articles.
- Creating blogs and websites.
These techniques have been successfully used by a number of candidates to find work. Used effectively, the techniques can be very useful in job search.