Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Success Tips for developing Your Business by Hiring Advertising Representatives

It is much important for every business owner to have an eye on their business activities to get development in their business rather than wasting their valuable time for hardly making phone calls to advertise their products. So to reduce these all kind of works it is better to hire advertising sales representatives. The sale people will take care of advertising related works in your business then you do not need to worry about the particular task and you should have concentrate more on your business activities.

It is really difficult to advertise business products or services without the help of professional advertising sales representatives. Almost every business needs to hire good and dedicated sales people for their business to promote their services in professional manner. Especially if your business based on to sell any products then definitely you should have your eye on hiring a professional sales person. When compared to normal person the sales people should have extreme knowledge about advertising techniques. But before hiring sales person here are some points that you have to look for about the particular sales man.

As a business owner it is possible for you to know almost everything about your business but you may get little trouble when it comes to advertise your products. So if you hire a sales people then you can get relief from this kind of issue. As a fact the publishing representatives can easily understand about your business services and quickly adopt themselves on how to sell your products.
It is your overall responsibilities to hire media sales representatives who are willing and dedicated to work for your business. If you simply hire a sales person who is not professional means then you cannot achieve some higher levels in promotion of your business services. When you are looking for hiring sales man for your business then try to understand about the advertising representatives whether or not he can perform well for your business and the better choice is to hire an experienced people rather than fresher. Also there are many companies are there especially to help business people on hire professional sales person. You can even consider such companies for professional guidance.

Depends on the particular publishers representatives performance you have to pay commissions. So definitely the sales people will perform hard for your company to get their commissions. You do not need to bother that you have to pay more salary for their work. Once they fail to perform means you do not have to pay commissions to them.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Volunteering Is Among Proven Job Search Techniques

Volunteering will make you stand out over other job seekers and give you better chances at getting interviews. It is among the proven job search techniques that new graduates and career changers without relevant experience can utilize.
When you are job hunting you are actually selling yourself. You need to find your vantage point that will differentiate you from other job seekers. In the sales profession a product or service's unique quality is often leveraged. It is very much the same with job hunting, you need to be a desirable candidate who deserves an interview.
Volunteering gives you that vantage point and the desirability factor. It shows hiring managers and employers that you have strong work ethics by doing unpaid work to help others. It is a manifestation that you seek self-fulfillment alongside attaining financial goals.
It also shows that you can go along well with others, which is essential in any work environment. Hiring managers value team players and look for people who will have no problems adapting and immersing in the company's culture. Another benefit is the utilization and development of your skill set. Students who volunteer for telethons to raise funds for charities, causes and researches develop their communication skills.
Volunteering also enhances time management skills. You need to strike a balance between your personal life, paid work (if you have one) and volunteer work. Some volunteer jobs are quite demanding with requirements of 30-hours per week. Others are more obliging and allow you to work from home. Whatever the set up may be, it requires you to assess your goals and priorities, and in the process develop organizational and time management skills.
It is a bonus if you have volunteered for a position that is similar to the role that you are targeting for work. It shows future employers that you have a passion for that particular role. In other words, volunteering gives you the experience in the position that you are applying for. This will also give you references from those in your field. And to state the obvious, volunteering gives you access to the "hidden job market." All these strengthen the premise that indeed, volunteering is among the proven job search techniques that people can employ.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Online Job Search Techniques

Searching for a new job in this economy can be hard work. If you have a criminal record and are looking for jobs for felons it can be even harder. Here is an easy way to gain more confidence and prepare for job interviews: write down a story about your life.
The story should be something you have accomplished - finishing a long-distance marathon, helping to run a successful charity event, teaching your children to ride a bicycle, getting a perfect attendance record in school, cooking a Christmas dinner for 20 people, acting in an amateur production and other such stories.
It does not have to be a very important or huge undertaking. All that matters is that it is a true story about something you felt happy doing, it's something you think you did well and it gave you a feeling of accomplishment.
When you write your story down make sure you do the following:
* Narrate the circumstances of why you decided to do that, what difficulties you encountered and how you overcame those difficulties.
* Enumerate all of your roles. Did you function as a teacher, cook, organizer, graphic designer, secretary, accountant or leader?
* List the skills that you used. This includes stuff like "figuring out a realistic budget and sticking to it," "designing a costume" or "getting along with people from all walks of life."
* Write about how you felt after you accomplished something - the feelings of pride, happiness, satisfaction, etc.
Do this seven times.
This is the Seven Stories exercise and it can help you land a job by helping you to assess your skills and gain self-confidence. By writing your life stories down, you can evaluate your strengths. This will help you to explain what you have learned and experienced in terms that you can use during a job interview.
This exercise can help you during the resume writing and interview parts of the job hunting process because it helps you to:
1. Gain self-confidence by listing down your skills and successes.
2. Use appropriate action words like "drew" "mapped" "marketed" "supervised" in your cover letter and resume.
3. Be more specific and use better vocabulary when describing your skills. Instead of saying "I get along well with people" you can say "I once put together a team of perfect strangers and we raised $5,000 for charity in a week."
4. Discover what you really love to do. For example, why do you still remember that school event from twenty years ago with such happiness? Did you love being the leader? Was it buying and selling at a profit that you enjoy? Or was it the artistic elements that you liked most?
When searching for a job you need to make sure that you are prepared the best you can when you actually get an interview. If you can describe your skills in a concrete and specific way, you can impress potential employers with your answers during your job interview and hopefully land your dream job. If you are looking for jobs for felons you certainly must make a great first impression.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Effective Job Searching Techniques

There is perhaps no single and universal way of doing an effective job search especially with how changes are turning many things upside down. If you would like to increase your chances at successfully landing a job, don't stick to one method. Rather, understand the different trends and techniques and apply them in your own job search.
Personalize your application.
Different companies have different rules in accepting applications. Some strictly accept online applications only while others accept online and personal applications. Still, a few others only accept personal applications. The thing with online applications is that resumes will most likely look quite the same and it would be difficult to stand out.
If you are keen to get a certain job, find out who the hiring manager is. Call or send an email to that person to ask about the job position and application requirements. You may even include your resume in your email. When doing so, make sure your application is addressed properly and looks professional.
Check the dates.
The thing with job postings on the internet is that information can be passed from one site to another. People read it and share it to their friends by word of mouth. By the time the information reaches a person who is genuinely interested in the job, the original job posting may have already expired or have been filled. To avoid this, always check with the main source and if you can, make a personal call to the company to check if the job is still available.
Don't be discouraged if there are no job vacancies posted.
Some employers don't always put up job ads when there are vacant positions in their company. Some also hire people unexpectedly. One thing to live by is that opportunities present themselves everywhere. There are many corporate and professional events that offer networking opportunities. If you happen to be in one, striking up a conversation with someone can give you the chance to talk about your skills and what you can do. It is common for many employers to realize the skills that they need when speaking with people who are good at pitching their skills.
Personalize your cover letter and resume.
When applying for a certain position, make sure that your documents are suited for it. Some applicants make the mistake of creating only one cover letter and resume and using them practically in all their applications.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Innovative Job Search Techniques

In 2010 and beyond, a number of candidates will be out in the job market. No doubt the number of candidates in the job market increases during an economic crisis when reorganization, restructuring and redundancies have increased the size of the number of candidates seeking work.
Candidates need to get used to alternative methods of job search. The two methods recommended are:
1. Becoming a job Search Entrepreneur
2. Using alternative technology.
Becoming a Job Search Entrepreneur means running your job search campaign like your own business. This can be done through:
- Avoiding mass marketing by not sending your resume to a number of recruiters and not posting your resume on a number of websites. This is a slow and tedious method which often fails to bring any results.
- Conducting extensive research. Here are some areas of research:
i. Corporate literature of the organisation you want to work for. This will provide information about the organisation.
ii. Determine the decision makers within an organisation.
iii. Determine and research on the products and services the organisation offers.
iv. Research on tips for changing jobs.
v. Research whether the organisation wants to see a resume first.
vi. Research on techniques for behavioural interviews. Write down as many possible questions as you can and answer these ensuring that specific behavioural examples are provided.
vii. Research any other relevant information on the organisation.
- Bookmark the site of the organisation and store this in your favorites directory.
- From the information researched, determine your areas of interest.
- Examine the products and services the organisation provides and ensure that those that match your perception, interest and previous experience are identified.
- Make a list of organisations with similar products and services that are located in the geographical area of your interest.
- Identify the specific decision makers in each of these organisations.
- Proceed to develop your strategies to make an approach to the individual organisations.
Alternative Technology is what I mean by using other forms of job search techniques. These include:
- Using sites such as Linked- in to search for and find work.
- Creating a video presentation on yourself and placing this on sites such as U Tube or sending this to a number of decision makers.
- Writing self marketing articles.
- Creating blogs and websites.
These techniques have been successfully used by a number of candidates to find work. Used effectively, the techniques can be very useful in job search.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Learn the Effective Job Searching Techniques

Are you looking for a job? It is important to keep a level mindset when finding a job. You should set your personal and career goals to make your job searching easy.
Many people have lost their jobs due to incompetence. There are also instances where employees lost their jobs because many companies go through buyouts, downsizing, divestitures and merges.
If you are already employed, make sure that you settle all your financial means. When you get raises on your compensation, it is recommended that you save money. Most young employees tend to spend everything they earn. They change to expensive lifestyles and spending on things that they have not gained yet.
There are different ways on how you can get your dream job. There could be no single approach that a job seeker can be assured of being hired. If you are looking for a full time job, you should be looking for a full time position. In this case, do not procrastinate. You are the one selling yourself. You should also be optimistic and show that you are organized.
Patience should also be a factor on your job search. It may take a while to get the career break you want. You may try out a part time job while you are still waiting for a permanent job. Broaden your scope on your job search. You may consider various positions and job opportunities that may fit your skills and knowledge.
It is also important to create different options on your job search. If you have the experience and expertise for the particular position, sell yourself and show them what you can offer to the company. Many companies look for employees who have enough experience in a particular field and can work under sensitive time schedules.
When looking for a job, it is also important to consider the location and schedule of the work. Many companies operate 24 hours a day and require employees willing to work on night shifts. Many also consider the location of the work. They prefer jobs closer to their homes.
Now that you have gathered the needed tools in your job search, you should conduct a research about the company and the position you are vying for. You should also properly prepare for your correspondence and references. Make sure that your resume is presentable and accurate. You should only include personal information, skills, and work experiences on your resume.
During a job search, the first thing that you should do is to make a thorough research on different job openings. You may start looking job opportunities in daily newspaper ads. You may also take a direct approach by visiting different companies and ask the human resource department if they job openings in the company.
The Internet also provides a wider scope in job searches. You can surf the Internet net for job vacancies and new companies that are looking for pioneer employees. It also offers many home based jobs especially for those tired of working with their bosses and working under time pressure.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Networking is the Most Effective Job Search Technique

When most people need to find a new job, they start with the online career sites, employment offices or local want ads. It seems obvious to look in the places where people are advertizing for jobs. Yet, studies consistently show networking to be the most effective way to find a job. Networking is the act of working with people you know to help you find the things that you want. Its efficacy is not surprising considering that when done properly, job seekers are making direct contact with hiring managers or people that can lead them to hiring managers. Further more, it provides a way to tap into the hidden job market.
The phrase "hidden job market" refers to all of those jobs that exist but are hidden from view, that is, they are not advertised. Hiring managers will often hold-off advertising a job until exhausting their own circle of contacts. Placing ads and sorting through potential candidates is costly and time consuming. It also involves the risk of hiring an unknown entity. It is easier, cheaper, and safer for the hiring manager to recruit from friends and/or professional contacts. You increase your chances of getting the job you want by tapping into that hidden job market. As evidence, here are some statistics from on how Americans find employment:
35% -- Found job through a friend, relative or other associate
30% -- Contacted an employer directly, without answering a classified ad
14% -- Answered a job classified advertisement
08% -- Found job through on-campus recruitment or job placement office
06% -- Employment agency or search firm
05% -- State-run unemployment office
02% -- Other
The above percentages indicate that 65% of people who are employed found a job that was never publicly advertised.
Case study
For many people, networking still feels like something that will only work for other people. I am proof that's wrong. While not unique or connected in any special way, with the exception of one position I found by cold calling, I networked my way into every other position as I worked my way up the corporate ladders in multiple industries. Here are some examples of how I worked with the people I knew to find the jobs I wanted.
Cast Iron Foundry: Just before graduation, I was talking with my faculty advisor about jobs. He gave me the name of a man at a trade association coincidentally near my home. I visited him on the way home from school. He, in turn, referred me to the Chief Metallurgist at a nearby company that fit exactly with what I wanted to do. They hired me. The job was never advertised.
R&D Consortium: A vendor salesman that used to call the company that I worked for went to work for the Consortium. He told me they were looking for engineers with business acumen and put me in touch with the hiring manger. I got the job. The job was not advertised. When I had gone as far as I could in that company, I sent out hundreds of resumes and answered dozens of advertisements to no avail. Finally I found my new job through networking.
Life Insurance Agent: I decided to work for myself. I researched companies in the life insurance industry and knew some agents. A personal friend who was also an agent led me to his company where I eventually landed my first position. They had an active recruiting program ongoing and the personal introduction paved the way, even though I had no obvious qualifications.
Large Pharmaceutical: Several years later when I decided to change careers again, I networked my way into a local, major pharmaceutical company doing business development. The job was not advertised.
Six years later, the company was restructuring to prepare for a spin off the division I was in. I was laid off and networked my way to a job as program manager within the same company. The job was not advertised until after I started only to fulfill HR requirements.
Three years later it was time for me to move on. I networked my way to find a manager job in yet another division. This job was advertised and I saw it on the job board, but I thought it was not a good fit. I networked my way into the vice president's office. She encouraged me to apply and asked me to meet with the hiring manger.
Why It Works
I am nothing special, nor is my history with networking. What is special is the power of networking. I have tried responding to ads and sending out hundreds of resumes, but like most people, my carefully worded documents and phone calls fell in to the black holes of human resource departments. Every time it proved to be a huge amount of effort without any payoff. Instead, the solution was talking to people- lots of them. Want more proof? Think about how you have found jobs, or ask your friends about their careers and how they found their jobs. I bet you will find that they knew someone who gave them an "in" or a critical heads-up. This is networking. It may not have been formal, or even intentional, but it was networking at its best.